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The Corporate Signature Program: A Custom Approach to Philanthropy

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This white paper, released Sept. 8, 2014, examines a growing practice in corporate social investments known as signature programs, a major investment by a company toward a particular cause, issue or theme.

The corporate signature program white paper provides guidance on how to build and manage signature programs and provides examples of how some U.S. corporations built their own successful signature programs. In particular, this white paper looks at why corporations invest in such programs, what companies seek to achieve through their giving, what steps to take to create a signature program, and what types of models can be used for program management.

Signature programs are a best practice and a means to focus corporate citizenship for maximum impact. These programs:

  • Respond to growing demand to build impactful and efficient programs
  • Mobilize corporate resources around an issue or geography
  • Have long-term relevancy to the company
  • Require measurement and evaluation to continue to make a business case for the investment
  • Engage employees and other stakeholders

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