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Through the Power of Bicycles, we envision a world where distance is no longer a barrier to education, healthcare and economic opportunity.
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Children International tutoring
When considering the major global challenges facing us today – climate change, hunger, poverty, etc. – the best way to create a brighter future is to invest in children and education. The solutions to these crises could all lie in the minds of today’s youth. Last year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our country experienced the many hardships that families face when kids are kept out of schools. For many low- and middle- income countries, that experience is nothing new. For their families, sending daughters to school could mean that they have no drinking water. Sometimes sending children to school…

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Girls access to education
In most African countries, if a school girl becomes pregnant she is harshly judged. The stigma that follows can lead to depression and feelings of failure. Thoughts on one’s future feel predetermined – chances of succeeding seem nil. Stella’s is a story of determination to overcome these stereotypes. Instead, she breathes life into her aspirations. Stella proves pregnancy isn’t a permanent condition, but that a girl in her position can excel – even become a role model for her community. Stella used to begin her day at three o’clock in the morning. She woke up, nurtured her daughter and completed her expected chores; fetching water, tidying up and cleaning dishes. She then would set off for school on foot. Now that Stella has a Buffalo Bicycle, she starts her morning routine two hours later each day. Stella’s mother is filled with gratitude for Stella’s bicycle as well, “My daughter can…