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Who We Serve


Our clients range from family foundations to corporate foundations to some of the largest private philanthropies in the world. From advisory to infrastructure services, we will help you achieve your giving goals.

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Global Impact’s subsidiary, Geneva Global, specializes in working with foundations.

They have been privileged to work with both some of the world’s largest institutional philanthropies as well as smaller and medium-size private and family foundations. They can help your foundation achieve its giving goals.

Key Services


Peer Donor Strategic Partnerships

Design and execute plans to secure donor partners for co-investment, creating leverage for your philanthropic capital. 

In-Country Program Design

Put philanthropic capital to work in the world by creating and delivering customized in-country programs that improve the lives and livelihoods of those most in need.


Charitable Entity Setup

For foundations looking to create vehicles for pooling their funds with those of peer donors, support the establishment of 501(c)(3) and similar vehicles while maintaining strategic coordination with the foundation.

Staffing Support

Augment your capacity with our experts in strategy, strategic communications, grants management, and peer donor cultivation and stewardship. 

Featured Client

Applying our expertise to launch, grow, and support a philanthropic fund in the Middle East