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Who We Serve

Family Philanthropies

Each member of a family has a unique perspective and motivation for their giving. We refine and align these philanthropic objectives to ensure you can become proactive and strategic rather than reactive in your giving. We’ll walk you through developing a bespoke framework, identifying giving opportunities and engaging prospective grantees, often providing behind-the-scenes staffing support so you can balance your work and family obligations with your giving objectives. From advisory to infrastructure services, we will help you achieve your goals.

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Global Impact’s subsidiary, Geneva Global specializes in working with families and individual donors.

They provide guidance and support to help first-time philanthropists identify their priority giving areas as well as established families that are working across generations to cement their legacy. They can help your family achieve its giving goals while balancing other important priorities.

Key Services


Family Giving Strategy

Design giving frameworks for families to identify, evaluate and capitalize on philanthropic investments that align with priority issue areas.

Issue Research

Research and analyze the funding landscape of a given sector and funding opportunities.


Staffing Support

Augment your capacity with experienced staff who know the ins and outs of grant making and grantee relationship management.

Featured Client

Helping a multi-generational family establish a framework for philanthropic investment