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Applying our expertise to launch, grow, and support a philanthropic fund in the Middle East


  • A leading U.S. foundation was building relationships with philanthropists in the Middle East. A family in the region stepped forward with an interest in bringing together family and friends to give to issues important to them and to the foundation.
  • Our client needed support to launch and maintain a new philanthropic fund in the Middle East.


  • Developed the goals for the fund and identified other potential members.
  • Researched philanthropic vehicles in the Middle East and possibilities for how funding could flow from selected countries to projects in other geographies, including sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Established a giving vehicle via a donor-advised fund
  • Developed communications materials to explain the goals of the fund, how a donor could join, and where funding would go.
  • Created a customized fund report to inform donors about the fund’s collective impact and managed the translation of the report into Arabic.


  • Helped our client create a $15 million fund with more than twenty donors in a new geography.
  • Supported ongoing learning and communications to engage donors, and the fund continues to attract new donors interested in granting in the area of global health.

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