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We train local health workers and provide health services to meet the continent’s dynamic and critical health needs.
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An Amref worked stands smiling with her hands on her hips.
A great way to celebrate International Women’s Day is to take time to learn about the work being done by women and for women to advance their rights and health around the world! In honor of this international observance day, we spoke with our Charity Alliance member Amref Health Africa (Amref) to learn more about the central role women play in transforming health care in Africa. With headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, Amref is the largest Africa-based health care nonprofit, serving millions of people every year across 35 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. They train local health workers and provide health services…

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Nashipai, A former Ngariba (cutter)
Nashipai (61) is taking a stand in her community by calling for an end to FGM. Nashipai was a circumciser (Ngariba) in her community for over 16 years before Amref Tanzania educated her on the adverse effects of FGM for women and girls. After learning about the damaging health risks, she decided to stop the cut and be one of the women championing the movement to end FGM in her village. It was not easy for her to stop practicing FGM. She considered it her main job and had no alternative source of income. To her, FGM/C was a “business.” Ngaribas receive 50000 Tshs, or about $21 per girl, and she cut more than 40 girls in one season, which is around $840. “I had no other source of income those days, so I had to do that in order to feed my family,” said Nashipai. Addressing the lack of…