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Economic Development
Clean Water
Climate Resilience
Mercy Corps empowers people to survive through crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good.
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First aid responders
Florida. Pakistan. The Horn of Africa. Ukraine. Afghanistan. If you’re keeping up with the news cycle, it seems like there’s a new emergency popping up at the forefront faster than we can even process the emergency that occurred before it. And with so many disasters happening around the world, it can feel flustering to decide when and where your gift can make the most impact. Investing in disaster preparation, recovery and resilience goes hand-in-hand with advancing other global causes such as health, education, economic development and more. Our charity partners Americares, Direct Relief, International Medical Corps, Matthew 25: Ministries, Mercy...

Charity Photos

  • Title: Woman and her camel
  • Charity: Mercy Corps
  • Country: Somalia
  • Photo Credit: Ezra Millstein

  • Title: DREAMS
  • Charity: Mercy Corps
  • Country: Uganda
  • Photo Credit: Jjumba Martin

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Charity Impact

In the luscious and fertile green hills of Cauca in southwestern Colombia a coffee farmer and indigenous women’s rights activist works tirelessly to improve the lives of her community and tend to the land where her family is from. Libia Armida Paz lives in La Sierra on the El Oso reserve, a village home to the indigenous Yanakona people. Libia began farming coffee at seventeen years old, against her father’s gendered expectations. She took on a job on her neighbor’s farm in secret, sneaking out every morning before her father woke. She was paid 300 pesos less than the adult workers to pick coffee, but she didn’t mind because the experience was worth it. She studied tirelessly, saving money she earned from working on farms to attend college and earn a nursing degree. She saved enough money over a 15-year nursing career to buy her own land—something most women are...