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Building a financially inclusive world, with access to economic opportunity for all, by giving everyone the financial tools they need to improve their lives.
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Global Impact’s partner Accion, a global nonprofit and pioneer in microfinance and fintech impact investing, works to build a financially inclusive world with access to economic opportunity for all. Since 1961, they have worked to serve individuals who are left out of the formal financial system. Through advising, investing, partnership and influence, Accion works to create a financially inclusive world. Read below to hear about the people who have benefitted from Accion’s Ovante program, which helps microbusiness owners learn the skills to help them sustain and grow their businesses.  Maria Pico established her hairstyling business in Bucaramanga, Colombia, when she…

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Paula Coxaj Acabal
Paula Coxaj Acabal was born in Momostenango, a rural town in the western highlands of Guatemala where most people rely on farming to earn a living. She married and moved to La Gomera, a town closer to the Pacific coast. When Paula’s husband passed away at a young age, she found herself in desperate need of a job to provide for her children. “I was a single mother – a widow at 35 with 7 children. Alone with no help and unable to read, I was determined to give my children a chance at a better life,” she said. Motivated by her family and with few other options to earn a living, she decided her open her own business. “I started selling vegetables. I loaded the produce in a sack. I was afraid to go to a bank [for a loan] due to my lack of confidence. I didn’t dare,”…