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Building a financially inclusive world, with access to economic opportunity for all, by giving everyone the financial tools they need to improve their lives.
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It’s the new year, and our instinct to start drinking green smoothies and hitting the gym is kicking in. It’s the time of planning for the year ahead and thinking through how we want to invest our time, energy and money. Enter: New Year’s resolutions. Most of our resolutions tend to face inward and are centered on the self. How can I take better care of myself? How can I move more? How can I cut back on or add something to my life? These are all important questions to ask, and I commend anyone who is committing to healthy...

Charity Photos

  • Title: Rosina
  • Charity: Accion
  • Country: India
  • Photo Credit: Accion

  • Title: Jorge Luis
  • Charity: Accion
  • Country: Mexico
  • Photo Credit: Accion

For Jorge Luis, a small business owner in Querétaro, Mexico, surviving the pandemic has been hard: lack of construction work shut down his building supply business, and his father was diagnosed with cancer. As his income shrunk, his expenses skyrocketed. To pay for his father’s treatment and care for his family, he needed to rebuild his business. Local company Caja Bienestar worked with Accion to find an innovative way to support small business owners like Jorge Luis by partnering with the distributors that supply them and providing credit for their businesses. With their support, Jorge Luis was able to purchase materials, stock his shelves, and reopen his doors to his customers. “I want to open more outlets again and provide faster service to customers. The feeling of relief is enormous,” he says.

  • Title: Paulina
  • Charity: Accion
  • Country: Ecuador
  • Photo Credit: Accion

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Charity Impact

Priya is a hardworking caregiver and small business owner living in a rural village near the town of Thirukattupalli in south India. As a girl, she completed high school, then paused continuing her own education to allow her sisters to finish school in person. She worked in a shop to help secure their education, then pursued a degree in business administration from home. Fewer than half of girls in rural India pursue education past the age of 14 and an even smaller percentage attend university. Priya’s hard work and sacrifice helped her family defy the odds, and as she succeeds, she continues to lift up the people around her. With her degree in hand and small children at home, Priya and her husband agreed that starting their own shop was the right choice for their family. A grocery store in their village would provide food and essential items to their...