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We work closely with refugees, trafficked persons, and economic migrants to co-design solutions that help them build full and fulfilling lives.
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The crisis in Ukraine has understandably been top of mind for all of us these last few months. There has been record-breaking fundraising to support the people of Ukraine (including over $1.5 million raised here at Global Impact) and it’s deeply moving to witness this swell in support. Certainly, other refugee crises have captured the attention of the global community as well – this past fall, many stood in solidarity with Afghanistan refugees and one year ago the global community marked the 10th anniversary of the Syrian war. Still, there are dozens of other refugee populations around the world today…

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It started with an observation. At some point in time, humanitarian organizations like ours had stopped thinking of refugees as their primary customer and instead become focused on large funders. We had deprioritized the people we are here to serve – and that wasn’t good enough. Kuja Kuja is our answer. It’s a real-time feedback system that tracks customers’ levels of satisfaction with products and services, records their ideas for how those services might be improved, and makes that data freely available for everyone to see and use. So after accessing water at a water point or getting health care at a clinic, refugees can share their experience and have real input in making the system better. Kuja Kuja is more than a moral obligation – it’s also good business. Understanding our customers more deeply will allow ARC to increase the value and impact that its services currently deliver and…