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Improving access to hospice and palliative care worldwide where the need is great and resources are few through collaborative partnerships between US and international organizations.
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When tasked with writing a blog post that would be published in the middle of November, my first thought was, “Perfect, easy – everyone loves a post that is comforting, moving and inspiring during the season of giving thanks!” When I learned the blog post topic was global health, well … after the last 18 months we’ve had, all I could think was, “How am I supposed to put a positive spin on global health at a time like this?” While the state of global health these days may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking...

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  • Charity: Global Partners in Care
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  • Title: GPIC Intern 2022
  • Charity: Global Partners in Care
  • Country: Uganda
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  • Title: GPIC at Mildmay
  • Charity: Global Partners in Care

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Palliative Care Scholarships Offer Much Needed Training Without nurses and other cadres of health care workers trained in palliative care, those in low-resource settings who suffer from life-limiting conditions will continue to struggle with pain and symptom management. This is why Global Partners in Care (GPIC), together with the African Palliative Care Association (APCA), offer scholarships to health care and social workers in Africa. Recognizing the need for trained professionals, APCA and GPIC formed a scholarship fund for palliative care nurses in 2011 and social workers in 2012. Each year, APCA and GPIC provide a limited number of scholarships towards training opportunities for nurses and social workers in Africa. In 2023, we have expanded the scholarship to include clinical officers, physiotherapists and other health care workers. APCA and GPIC recognize the important role health care and social workers play in providing holistic palliative care services. Despite this, the inadequate incorporation...