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785 million people lack access to safe drinking water. Where water is inaccessible, poverty and disease are pervasive. We provide access to clean, safe water in 18 countries, which improves community health and unlocks educational and economic opportunity.
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Children playing at an Amref borehole
All around the world, there are so many people trying to access basic human needs like clean water, food, clothing and housing. Thankfully, donors are constantly looking for ways to help and make a difference in struggling communities.

Charity Photos

  • Title: The Joy of Water
  • Charity: Living Water International
  • Country: Ghana
  • Photo Credit: Living Water International

  • Title: The Need for Safe Water
  • Charity: Living Water International
  • Country: South Asia
  • Photo Credit: Living Water International

  • Title: Mexico
  • Charity: Living Water International
  • Country: Mexico
  • Photo Credit: Living Water International

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Mr. Koroma, a local farmer in the Gbongeh community of Sierra Leone, spent most of his life unaware of the dangers posed by open defecation. It had always been the way of life for both young and old in his community. After traveling to more urban areas in his district, Mr. Koroma became one of the few in his community to dig a toilet in his home. However, he did not know how to maintain it, and it became overused and unhygienic over the years. One day he happened upon another community that Living Water Sierra Leone was training about the dangers of open defecation and the benefits of living in a clean and healthy environment. He was so excited that he immediately became a messenger of hygiene reform in his own community. He refurbished his own latrine in accordance with Living Water’s standards and welcomed other community members to...