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Helping the poorest of the poor. Providing disaster relief, food, clothing, personal hygiene and education supplies. Meeting the most basic needs of severely suffering people.
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A Matthew 25: Ministries worker preparing COVID-19 items for health care workers.
It’s finally spring! The long winter months are over, which means it’s time to open your windows, enjoy the warm weather, and of course, start your spring cleaning. This springtime ritual allows you to declutter your home – and life – for a clean start (Hint: Check out the decluttering master Marie Kondo for inspiration!).  Although it can sometimes be difficult to part with unused items, there are organizations like Matthew 25: Ministries that can put them to good use. They use the products donated to them by corporations, organizations and individuals for their humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts…

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Disaster Relief After Hurricane Dorian
2020 was the most active Atlantic hurricane season on record, with 30 named storms. In the span of about two months, the Gulf Coast was hit by 4 major hurricanes: Laura, Sally, Delta, and Zeta. These storms caused widespread destruction throughout multiple states. In response to these storms, Matthew 25: Ministries shipped 38 truckloads of aid throughout the impacted region, containing more than 850,000 pounds of disaster relief supplies. In November, Hurricanes Eta and Iota made back-to-back landfall in Central America, hitting only two weeks apart. These storms swept through multiple countries, causing widespread flooding and devastating mudslides. Matthew 25: Ministries shipped aid throughout the region, including over 375,000 pounds of personal care items, household and cleaning products, disaster blankets, and more. Additionally, Matthew 25: Ministries responded to catastrophic flooding in Michigan–described as a 500-year flood event–and Mississippi, tornadoes in Tennessee and other areas across the South and eastern United…