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International Justice Mission

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Human Trafficking
Social Justice
Women & Girls
We rescue people from human trafficking, modern-day slavery, and violence. We protect survivors so they can thrive without fear and bring their traffickers to justice.
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Satyaban Gahir
Many people assume that slavery is a shameful relic of the past — but right now, there are an estimated 50 million people trapped in modern-day slavery worldwide. Human trafficking is a multibillion-dollar business built off the back-breaking labor and sexual exploitation of men, women and children. Partners like International Justice Mission (IJM) work with local authorities to rescue victims of human trafficking, provide the aftercare they need to rebuild their lives and pursue justice that will prevent this violence from happening again. Centering the voices of those who have lived through it is critical to end human trafficking and...

Charity Photos

  • Title: Hope is not only a survivor, but a leader.
  • Charity: International Justice Mission
  • Photo Credit: International Justice Mission

  • Title: A Daring Escape
  • Charity: International Justice Mission
  • Country: Eastern Europe
  • Photo Credit: Bogdan Dinca

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Charity Impact

When Aaron was just two years old, he suffered the unthinkable. He was sexually abused and the abuse was repeatedly livestreamed on the internet to a paying audience – a deeply traumatizing experience for anyone, but especially for a child.