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We rescue people from human trafficking, modern-day slavery, and violence. We protect survivors so they can thrive without fear and bring their traffickers to justice.
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International Justice Mission (IJM) envisions a world where vulnerable women and children are protected from violence and don’t have to worry about their future – a world where slavery is put to an end. Slavery is often thought of as something that took place in the past, but the system continues today in many different ways around the world. In fact, slavery is the main issue that IJM focuses on through their work to protect people in poverty from violence. The organization does this by working with local authorities to rescue victims, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors and help law…

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Kashi* was only 5 years old when strangers took her from her parents and sold her into domestic servitude to a wealthy family in Mumbai. For the next ten years, she cooked and cleaned around the clock while facing disturbing physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Later, the family took 15-year-old Kashi to Kolkata and began exploiting her for sex in a massive red-light district. IJM investigators found and rescued Kashi in April 2013, but it took years for her to rebuild confidence and learn to trust again. As she began to open up, Kashi was able to go to school for the first time and—with IJM’s support—discovered her talents for leadership and public speaking. Today, she’s passionate about using her experiences to help change India, saying, “This is my identity, where I won’t have to shy my eyes from anyone. I will not have to be scared because of my…