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Women for Women International invests where inequality is greatest by helping women who are forgotten — the women survivors of war and conflict.
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Collage of photos of women and girls around the world
Addressing gender inequality isn’t something that can be handed down from the top — we must empower the people affected to create lasting change. Our charities know this. When they look at the issues facing women and girls, they understand the best way to solve this is to involve the entire community and give women what they need to enact their own version of change. Here are six women who, with the right tools, resources and support, overcame obstacles for themselves, their families and their communities. This is the kind of work that will change the world. The best way...

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  • Title: South Sudan Participants
  • Charity: Women for Women International
  • Country: South Sudan

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  • Charity: Women for Women International
  • Country: Nigeria

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  • Charity: Women for Women International

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For years, Zainab suffered her husband’s beatings and abuse. Growing up in Nigeria, she was taught a woman’s rights came from her husband. When Zainab’s husband took a second wife, he often refused to give her money to feed their children. He became more violent towards her, and Zainab felt powerless. One in three women globally experience violence like Zainab, and in the countries where we work, this rate is often much higher. We know it takes courage and the support of others for a woman to stand up for her rights and challenge those who have tried to keep her powerless, be it a family member or an entire community. Through our program, women come together and learn about their fundamental human rights, often for the first time. With the power of this knowledge, we help them identify how to protect their rights and create more equal homes and...