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ALIMA USA, The Alliance for International Medical Action

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A humanitarian medical aid organization providing high-quality healthcare to families in crises, partnering with local medical organizations and conducting research and innovation to improve aid.

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Mothers sitting with their newborns in the pediatric wing
Spring has officially sprung, and the excitement of this time of year is always a great feeling – especially after a long winter with several snow days and quarantine periods resulting from new waves of COVID-19. Though winter is behind us, continuing to combat COVID-19 and promote overall health around the world are top of mind as we want spend more time outside and get our bodies moving. And with World Health Day coming up on April 7, it’s the perfect time for your organization to plan an employee engagement event that focuses on global health. Folding cause awareness days...

Charity Photos

  • Title: First Aid Training Session in Southern Ukraine
  • Charity: ALIMA USA, The Alliance for International Medical Action
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Photo Credit: © Myriam Renaud / ALIMA

  • Title: Children Waiting to be Screened for Malnutrition
  • Charity: ALIMA USA, The Alliance for International Medical Action
  • Country: Niger
  • Photo Credit: © Alexandre Bonneau – AFROTO / ALIMA

  • Title: Treating Malnutrition in Mali
  • Charity: ALIMA USA, The Alliance for International Medical Action
  • Country: Mali
  • Photo Credit: © Seyba Keita / ALIMA

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Charity Impact

Burkina Faso is experiencing political instability that has plunged the country into one of the most serious migration crises in its history. Close to 2 million people have been displaced from their homes. Amssétou and her one-month old son Abdoul had to flee their home due to terrorist attacks. While fleeing, food was scarce, and Abdoul quickly became malnourished. Amssétou took Abdoul to the intensive nutritional recovery center in the Ouahigouya Regional University Hospital, where he was treated by ALIMA’s teams. Amssétou was surprised by the quality of care she and her son received. She says “In the recovery center, my child was taken care of immediately. He received free care, in addition to milk, soap, water, and toys. They treated us like family members. They play with the children and take good care of them. I am also less stressed since I have been receiving support from a mental...