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We operate globally, working side-by-side with health care workers and their communities, addressing the greatest public health challenges enabling people to live their best lives.
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First aid responders
Florida. Pakistan. The Horn of Africa. Ukraine. Afghanistan. If you’re keeping up with the news cycle, it seems like there’s a new emergency popping up at the forefront faster than we can even process the emergency that occurred before it. And with so many disasters happening around the world, it can feel flustering to decide when and where your gift can make the most impact. Investing in disaster preparation, recovery and resilience goes hand-in-hand with advancing other global causes such as health, education, economic development and more. Our charity partners Americares, Direct Relief, International Medical Corps, Matthew 25: Ministries, Mercy…

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A client of Hope Family Health Center in McAllen, TX
Despite more than two years of COVID-19, we remain steadfast in our mission to improve global health — and there are lots of reasons to be optimistic about the world’s progress. Over the past year, we’ve seen remarkable collaboration across borders, between institutions, and among individuals. We’ve seen exciting new innovations, progress against some of the world’s deadliest diseases, expanded support for mental health services, and landmark commitments at the UN climate negotiations. Though the threats to the world’s health are many, there are still plenty of headlines that give us hope for a healthier, more equitable world in 2022. Here are five trends that give us hope for the year ahead. 1. Breakthrough mRNA vaccines Venezuelan boy playing soccer in Houston Guillermo, 6, recently arrived with his family in Houston, Texas, after leaving their home in Venezuela. Thanks to Project HOPE, he received his COVID-19 vaccine through the Ibn…