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Crisis Alert: Our charities are responding to the catastrophic earthquakes that hit Turkey, Syria and surrounding areas. Provide urgent funding to support their work.

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A humanitarian relief organization serving internationally and locally with expertise in refugee health care, disaster relief, and mobile dental programs.
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Health and wellness looks different in every country and on every continent. What some may regard as a right in one country, is inaccessible or scarce in another. Global health represents the environments that affect physical, social and mental well-being for all humans.

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Burhani with his wife and son in Um Rakouba Refugee Camp
Seven months ago, life for 40-year-old Burhani felt peaceful and safe. Living in Humera, Ethiopia, Burhani owned a small retail store and the business was prosperous. The conditions in the city were stable and his store was bringing in enough income to provide for his wife and one-year-old son. But then war broke out. In the first week of November 2020, the situation escalated dramatically. Armed conflict erupted in Ethiopia, between federal and provincial forces in the northern region where Burhani’s hometown is located. Burhani explained, “We woke up on the morning of the seventh November to the sounds of cannons and gunfire everywhere.” He described the horrors he witnessed. Dead bodies piled in the streets. Burhani was forced to escape Humera. With his wife and son, he fled his house and left the city quickly. “We didn’t have time to take anything with us, except for the clothes we…