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The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO)

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With a presence in 131 countries, we work alongside communities to improve the health, economic, educational and spiritual conditions of the world’s most vulnerable.
The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO)




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For a long time, I only knew The Salvation Army for the thrift stores and the bell ringers that we see around the holidays. What I didn’t know until more recently is that they impact lives both here at home and around the world through the Salvation Army World Service Organization (SAWSO). SAWSO has spent over 40 years helping people across 131 countries improve their circumstances, maintain their health and gain financial independence. The charity’s vision is to serve as a dedicated resource committed to responding to the global interests of The Salvation Army USA by: Developing sustainable solutions for…

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For decades, The Salvation Army in developed countries has been blessed to financially support the work of counterparts in developing nations, whether in emergency relief, community projects, or simply the daily costs of operating in some of the most challenging parts of the world. But what if The Salvation Army in wealthier countries could do more to help overseas partners to achieve financial sustainability, rather than merely provide annual funding? What if Salvationists everywhere were provided with the training and start-up capital they need to pursue sustainable income and support their own community and ministry programs? That is precisely the goal of The Salvation Army World Service Office’s (SAWSO) new Capacity Building Partnership Initiative (CBPI). And in Italy and Greece (TSA ITY), they’re proving it is possible. The CBPI empowers TSA territories worldwide to develop financial independence and sustainably operate their ministries and programs. They work together to create comprehensive…