Addressing causes together + supporting effective charities = endless impact around the world.

I gave you the answer right away when I should have made you wait for it, but it’s Give Global month here at Global Impact and I’m excited.

We’re celebrating the work of our charities across all of our 11 cause areas and thinking about how these areas connect and build on one another. For example, when you love supporting the environment, you learn to think about how social justice, hunger and economic development come into play. It makes telling the story complicated, but we’ve got our convenient formula to help you out.

So, what does this formula look like in action?

We’re raising money for our Give Global Fund in celebration of this month’s cause and there are six amazing charities featured in the fund. To give you some examples of the giving formula, I’m sharing six of their stories of change from around the world.

Social Justice and Disaster Relief + American Jewish World Service = Demanding change for families in Indonesia

In 2018, an earthquake and tsunami devastated Indonesia. It’s been years and thousands of people still live in temporary shelters with limited food, water and electricity. Government aid is too slow to meet the needs of those affected. American Jewish World Service is empowering women to organize and demand the government take swift action.

Economic Development and Women & Girls + The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO) = Empowering change for women in Kenya

SAWSO runs an economic development program called WORTH, a microfinance banking and skills training program aimed at women in rural communities in Kenya, to help families gain financial stability. Participants gain access to a savings and loans system that helps them become leaders in their communities and start businesses. They also gain the skills and tools they need to take advantage of the WORTH program and succeed.

How exactly does it work? In groups of 25, participants make small deposits each week into a shared fund. When the fund grows large enough, the group votes on how to invest the funds. They can purchase livestock, supplies and materials to start their own businesses and pursue financial independence. They support one another as they escape instability and poverty. Success breeds more success – some participants form partnerships and start new ventures together after the program ends.

A WORTH program participant with her family.

Women & Girls, Global Health & Child Survival + Living Goods = Women accessing family planning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

Community Health Workers are vital for people that don’t have easy or regular access to health care in low-income countries. Women like Nabukonde were able to keep their access to family planning education and prescriptions during the COVID-19 pandemic because of the community health workers with Living Goods.

Global Health & Child Survival and Education + Health Volunteers Overseas = Training future health care leaders around the world

Underfunded health systems around the world face a high burden of disease and a scarcity of resources that limit not only access to quality care but also professional opportunities for health care workers. Continuing education and training for professionals in low-income countries is vital to sustaining and motivating existing providers and bringing up future providers. Health Volunteers Overseas provides hands-on (and virtual!) training to overseas colleagues, increasing their knowledge, improving their skills and growing professional networks.

Introducing a new surgical technique in Tanzania (before COVID-19).

Education and Economic Development + Opportunity International = Expanding children’s access to schooling 

When children lack good education, it perpetuates poverty and global inequalities. That’s why Opportunity International hosts an Education Finance program, which helps parents access the resources necessary to send their children to school. The program also helps affordable schools provide quality education to their students.

Teacher and her students

Here is a teacher in the Dominican Republic with her class. She used to teach several students out of her home, but with a school improvement loan through the Education Finance program, she was able to build a school large enough to fit 92 students. She hopes to add on to the building in the future and create even more opportunities for children to learn.

Hunger, Global Health& Child Survival + Helen Keller International = Children growing up healthy in Mozambique

Facing high rates of malnourished children in Mozambique, Helen Keller International takes a four-pillar approach to ensure that all children have a healthy start to life: providing agricultural training, sharing nutrition and hygiene education, promoting gender dialogue groups and organizing village savings and loans programs.

Interested in seeing what giving global looks like in other places? Check out Global Impact’s Charity Alliance Video Map to see more examples of how giving global has an endless impact.

Remember, addressing causes together + supporting effective charities = endless impact. With this formula, it’s easy to see how giving global can change our world.

With an estimated 274 million people facing humanitarian assistance needs this year, please consider donating to our Give Global Fund. You can support the work of these incredible organizations in multiple cause areas and create global change right now.