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Partnering with Indian NGOs in Disaster Relief and Development; Orphan Education, Anti-Human Trafficking, Clean Water, Women’s Empowerment, Disability Training, Children Charity, and Poverty Alleviation.
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Women’s Empowerment is about working together to uplift women that have been marginalized and oppressed. To provide them an opportunity to make a better life for themselves. Chinnari has two sons but her husband is a drunkard and has left her for another woman. Left without resources she is without hope. Married young she did not finish school and knows only field work. Her family will provide some help but with three mouths to feed she her skill set falls far short from allowing her to raise her boys in a proper way. She has a friend that completed our sewing school and now is making enough to feed her family. The income is better than working in the field, and she is at home available to help her children. Chinnari needs the help that her friend received. Tailoring training will help her provide some income and allow her to…