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Crisis Alert: Our charities are responding to the catastrophic earthquakes that hit Turkey, Syria and surrounding areas. Provide urgent funding to support their work.

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Allows donors to align their giving with the Gates Foundation’s trusted grantee partners to deepen their impact and achieve significant programmatic outcomes.
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A group of people wait outside of a clinic. Gates Philanthropy Partners logo.
Last year, I wrote about Gates Philanthropy Partners as a beacon of hope during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly a year later, Jennifer Alcorn, a deputy director with the Gates Foundation and Gates Philanthropy Partners, is here to give an insider’s perspective on the organization and what it was like to rapidly scale up grant-making, what the funding supported, and philanthropy’s role in the pandemic. Can you give us some background on how Gates Philanthropy Partners originated and an overview on how the organization has grown? Gates Philanthropy Partners is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in philanthropy….