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Crisis Alert: Our charities are responding to the catastrophic earthquakes that hit Turkey, Syria and surrounding areas. Provide urgent funding to support their work.

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We join the world’s families to change hunger, poverty, and injustice through locally originated community development programs and internationally coordinated disaster response.
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Two girls at a table selling jarred goods
Even though it’s been nearly seven years since I moved to Seattle, as a southern transplant living in the Pacific Northwest I still struggle to adjust this time of year. With the return of gloomy skies, rainy weather and very short days, I find myself seeking out bits of inspiration and joy to get that warm, cozy feeling that helps get me in the autumn spirit! While hot soups, the beautiful colors of changing leaves and crisp morning walks certainly help, Global Impact thought we’d put together something even more effective in curing the winter blues.   This month we are…

Charity Photos

  • Title: Merlyn Zulema Zambrano finds hope in small business training
  • Charity: World Renew
  • Country: Honduras
  • Photo Credit: Nahún Rodrigues/World Renew

  • Title: Built to Thrive: A Story of Resilience
  • Charity: World Renew
  • Country: Kenya
  • Photo Credit: Helen Manson/World Renew

  • Title: Establishing Food Security in Zambia
  • Charity: World Renew
  • Country: Zambia
  • Photo Credit: World Renew, Jack Burk

Over 2 million people in Eastern Zambia are on the brink of starvation. World Renew’s work helps families like the Nyirendas change that story by providing the seeds, tools, and training needed to feed their children three meals a day and sell enough surplus to cover school fees, purchase solar panels for their home, and cover unexpected medical expenses. Through donors like you, World Renew is helping families like the Niyrendas experience the tangible hope of Jesus and journey out of extreme poverty. To learn more about this work, visit

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Woman farmer
Kadzo Kenga radiates confidence. She tackles each new day and each new challenge with strength. She works on her small farm, tends to her animals, and cares for her children and grandson. When not working busily at home, she can be found at her community’s “demonstration farm”—where she participates in training in food security—or meeting with the local village savings and loans group. As a single woman in rural Kenya, where women face barriers to equality, Kadzo proudly owns a small piece of land for her family, complete with a small herd of goats and chickens. Here, she grows produce and makes chapati bread to sell at market. She has built a good life for her children, and her mother. But Kadzo’s life had not always carried such possibility. After her husband abandoned the family, she was left with nothing—without property, possessions, or a place to call home. Unable to…