“What are the best charities to support in 2022?”
“Where should I give to charity this year?”
“What charities make the most impact?”
“How should I donate money before the end of the year?”

A colleague and I were discussing all of the things we Google at the end of the year, and these are some of the questions that always come up. We hear from many folks about the decisions they’re faced with. For some, their employee giving campaign is coming to an end and they need to make a decision on who to support in the campaign. For others, they promised themselves this year they’d finally take advantage of the tax benefits that come with donating but aren’t sure where to give. We’ve also connected with executives looking to make a corporate gift in honor of their employees. Or, in the case of my colleague, parents are hoping to set an example for their children and show them that Christmas is about giving – not getting.

Whatever led you to your Googling or brought you here, you might need some help figuring out which charities deserve your support and where to give.

That’s where we come in! We have an alliance of nearly 100 leading, international charities that make an impact every day around the world. These charities are highly vetted, first-in-class organizations that think strategically, form meaningful partnerships with local organizations, respond quickly in a crisis and have proven results. You can feel confident that when you give to these charities, your donation is maximized to the fullest.

Let’s get started
The first question to ask yourself: What global causes are most important to you? (We even have a quiz to help with this if you’re undecided.)

Second question: How are you going to give? (Our favorite at Global Impact is always workplace giving because it’s year-round, unrestricted funding that charities rely on!)

Third question: Do you want to give to specific charities, or would you prefer to give to the cause itself and split your donations across multiple organizations?

Take your answers and make a plan using the top charities listed below. Each cause and charity are linked to a page that will give you everything you need.

Clean Water

Disaster Relief

Economic Development



Global Health

Human Trafficking



Social Justice

Women & Girls