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Digitally empowered community health workers save lives at scale by delivering care on call – making access to care easy and affordable.
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HELEN KELLER INTERNATIONAL: Tuning in to Healthy Habits
Addressing causes together + supporting effective charities = endless impact around the world. I gave you the answer right away when I should have made you wait for it, but it’s Give Global month here at Global Impact and I’m excited. We’re celebrating the work of our charities across all of our 11 cause areas and thinking about how these areas connect and build on one another. For example, when you love supporting the environment, you learn to think about how social justice, hunger and economic development come into play. It makes telling the story complicated, but we’ve got our…

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Every day, Miriam braves the rugged terrain of her neighborhood in Isiolo, Kenya and treks for kilometers on end, shuffling between her work as a community health worker, a matron at a girls’ secondary school, a women’s groups coordinator, and an entrepreneur. These roles, she says, bring together the causes she is most passionate about: the health, education and economic empowerment of girls and women. “When I started volunteering as a community health worker, I saw that women and girls needed better support to reverse high maternal and child death rates and to escape generational cycles of dependency and poverty,” says Miriam. “Enhancing women’s access to information, health care, education and capacity to meaningfully participate in economic activities not only changes their lives, but transforms entire families.” In 2019, Miriam and all the nearly 700 community health workers in Isiolo started receiving more comprehensive support through a co-funded partnership between…