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As we heard from our campaign partners last year, there was an uptick in interest around virtual volunteering opportunities. This change was in large part due to COVID-19 – employees found themselves working from home and missing the opportunity to give back on local, national and international levels with their team members. While many charities excelled in offering group and individual in-person volunteer projects pre-pandemic, converting these to virtual opportunities in order to meet demand was a challenge. And it showed – in 2020, volunteer hours decreased by 20% year-over-year. However, this challenge also presented an opportunity for charities and…

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Cycling to School - Easing Children's Journey
Bicycles are a common mode of transport in Mozambique. In Zambezia Province for example, bicycles form 37% of the urban transport, meaning that there are more bicycles than cars. However, bicycles are not just a form of transport, they provide millions of Mozambicans in rural areas with access to healthcare, clean water, jobs and education. They also relieve the people of the burden of paying for public transport, which is expensive and ever rising. On average, school-going children living in Zavala District in Inhambane Province walk an average of 8 km to school and back. According to 13 students from Mahamba, Quissíco and Domingos Fondo secondary schools, every day, each of them walks 6 to 8 kms to school and an equivalent back home in the evening. “I walk from my house to school every day. It takes me 2 hours to get to school on foot and I almost…