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Sneha (10) drinks water from an installed standpost in India
Photo Credit: WaterAid/Srishti Bhardwaj
Water drop

Clean Water Fund

2 billion people around the world do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. Support multiple charities in one pledge working on clean water.
Through this fund, you will join millions of other supporters to ensure access to clean water is a reality for everyone around the world.

Your contributions may support extensive work to provide clean drinking water and sanitation services, build water stations or provide agricultural irrigation solutions for communities in need.

Be a Global Champion


provides soap to a school for a students’ handwashing station.


installs a hand pump for a community water point in Mali.


helps provide a health clinic with handwashing, hygiene and sanitation supplies.

Success Stories

Ahmed and UNICEF WASH Specialist Ben Smith
Ahmad, 12 years, has spent half of his young life in Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan. The experience has given him a unique interest in how a water and wastewater network has evolved in this water-scarce location to serve a population of nearly 80,000 people - more than half of them children.
A woman in Rwanda stands next to community tap stand
Didacienne had five children and no home of her own. Her husband died nearly 25 years ago in the Rwandan genocide, and after that she had few options to provide for her family – they lived with various family members to get by. And without water in their village, life was difficult.
Julia is pumping treated water that is safe for drinking to bring to her family, Bangladesh.
The pond near the rural village where Julia, her husband and their two children live in Bangladesh is their primary source of water. But it was contaminated by the poisonous carcinogen arsenic and so high in salinity, the entire family was at risk of hypertension and high blood pressure.