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Partners with communities that are striving to overcome longstanding cycles of poverty. Delivers the essential building blocks of good health, sound nutrition and clear vision.
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HELEN KELLER INTERNATIONAL: Tuning in to Healthy Habits
Addressing causes together + supporting effective charities = endless impact around the world. I gave you the answer right away when I should have made you wait for it, but it’s Give Global month here at Global Impact and I’m excited. We’re celebrating the work of our charities across all of our 11 cause areas and thinking about how these areas connect and build on one another. For example, when you love supporting the environment, you learn to think about how social justice, hunger and economic development come into play. It makes telling the story complicated, but we’ve got our…

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  • Title: HELEN KELLER INTERNATIONAL: A Healthier Household
  • Charity: Helen Keller International
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Photo Credit: Helen Keller Intl – Vietnam

Farm tools and training help women in need to grow nutritious foods for their families and increase their income.

  • Charity: Helen Keller International
  • Country: Kenya
  • Photo Credit: Lameck Ododo/Helen Keller Intl/Kenya

  • Title: Tuning in to healthy habits
  • Charity: Helen Keller International
  • Country: Nepal
  • Photo Credit: Helen Keller Intl – Nepal

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A mother holding her toddler child in front of her home in Myanmar
Mar Mar San lives with her husband and young daughter in Ar-Chan, a village in Myanmar’s Ayeyawaddy Delta region. Families in this low-lying area are accustomed to hardship: they struggle to support themselves with small-scale fishing and rice farming, and natural disasters like heavy rains and flooding are a perpetual threat. In 2008, a powerful cyclone caused catastrophic damage. Yet the COVID-19 pandemic has brought even bigger challenges for vulnerable families like these in Myanmar, where chronic malnutrition affects nearly 30 percent of children under the age of five. Measures to contain the spread of the virus — including the temporary shutdown of markets and restrictions on the movement of people and goods — have disrupted food and agriculture systems, slashed household incomes and exacerbated hunger. Fortunately, thanks to training and resources from Helen Keller International’s homestead farming program, Mar Mar San and her family are confronting the COVID-19 crisis…