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Social Justice Fund

Equality for all means balancing our rights with our responsibilities to care for each other and ourselves. Social justice initiatives aim to create equitable societies worldwide. Support multiple charities in one pledge working on social justice.
Through this fund, you join millions of people changing the world by helping advance social justice initiatives for citizens in impoverished and underserved countries.

Your contributions to this fund could create programs that aid restorative justice efforts and fund services to help entire populations fight back against inequalities that affect citizens worldwide.

Be a Global Champion


covers the cost of four iPhone recorder kits to allow researchers to record interviews with victims, helping with accurate reporting and research on the ground.


subsidizes two months of safe housing for one at-risk LQBTIQ+ person.


can provide contraception for five women for five years.

Success Stories

Khalidou Sy
Khalidou started his career as a Tostan Facilitator in Medina Yoro Foulah, in the Kolda region of Senegal, at the beginning phases of Tostan. He was continuously promoted over the years and after 16 years, he was chosen to be the National Coordinator for Tostan Senegal. However in 2014, he was elected Mayor of the District of Medina Yoro Foulah, in southern Senegal. Serving his community was his calling and thus he knew it was time to step down as National Coordinator and start a new chapter in his life. Yet, he never left Tostan behind. Tostan was and is the basis for his work as a locally elected official. In everything his community does, they use what they learned through the Tostan program. Through this strength-based and Human Rights-centered approach, his community works with local leaders, including Mayors and District Council members, furthering the notion that human dignity and...
OutRight & the United Nations LGBTI Core Group
OutRight was founded by a woman and is a proudly feminist organization, committed to the advancement of gender equality and LGBTIQ human rights around the world. “Sandra” is a social justice advocate from Mauritius. She is an OutRight Religion Fellow. OutRight’s Religion Fellowship is a 12-month program that supports LGBTIQ human rights defenders from around the world to harness the New York-based UN system to add value to their existing work and to collaborate with peers on strategies for combating religiously based LGBTIQ-phobia. Speaking at the United Nations on behalf of the LBTI Caucus in 2021, Sandra had the opportunity to address a question to the United Nations’ Secretary General during the annual Townhall with Civil Society. She asked what actions have been taken by the United Nations (UN) for a people-centered recovery from COVID-19, specifically to ensure health care access and equity issues facing LGBTIQ seniors. The Secretary-General, Mr....
hand on a fence with police in the background
Human Rights Watch launched a campaign in April asking the Greek government to free hundreds of unaccompanied migrant children held in unhygienic police cells and detention centers, where they face increased risk of contracting the coronavirus. Weeks after #FreetheKids launched, the Greek parliament reduced the maximum time an unaccompanied child could be detained from 45 days to 25. Talking to the media, the Greek special secretary for the protection of unaccompanied children also committed to ending child detention by the end of the year. Portugal announced it would take in 500 unaccompanied children from Greece, while France said it would take in 350 children. Since then, another 11 European Union member countries have joined the coalition, committing to relocate hundreds of asylum seekers and unaccompanied children.