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HCP works to cure needless blindness with the highest quality care at the lowest cost, through ophthalmic care, education, and establishment of world-class infrastructure.
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The 2 million cataract surgeries that are performed in the U.S. each year make the procedure feel routine, when actually the results are quite extraordinary. Last year, I had an opportunity to personally see this in action. In early 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic halted non-essential medical procedures, my dad underwent cataract surgery in both eyes. The surgery was a game-changer – it greatly improved his quality of life by restoring his ability to drive safely at night and read without glasses. Seeing these amazing results made me want to learn more about one of Global Impact’s partners, the…

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Rebecca Okyere, 63, began having problems with her eyes four years ago. “It felt like there were sand particles in my eyes. It really disturbed me and when I visited the hospital, the doctor said I needed surgery, but it was too expensive for me. It was great news when I heard about this outreach program. When the surgery was performed, they covered my eye with the patch so I couldn’t see. The patch has been removed today and I can see better than before. I am so happy that I didn’t go blind so I can continue to sell my porridge and not depend on my relatives to take care of me.” Rebecca was overjoyed when her eye patch was removed after cataract surgery at Cape Coast Teaching Hospital in Ghana. Not only has her eyesight been restored, but also her livelihood and hope for the future.