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We ​build trusting relationships with mission sustaining partners, and collaborate with international program partners to transform communities and tackle the greatest barriers to sustainable futures.
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Mothers sitting with their newborns in the pediatric wing
Spring has officially sprung, and the excitement of this time of year is always a great feeling – especially after a long winter with several snow days and quarantine periods resulting from new waves of COVID-19. Though winter is behind us, continuing to combat COVID-19 and promote overall health around the world are top of mind as we want spend more time outside and get our bodies moving. And with World Health Day coming up on April 7, it’s the perfect time for your organization to plan an employee engagement event that focuses on global health. Folding cause awareness days…

Charity Photos

  • Title: A small group of school girls supported by HCW programs
  • Charity: Helping Children Worldwide
  • Country: Sierra Leone
  • Photo Credit: CRC Data team

Helping Children Worldwide supports children worldwide by strengthening and empowering families. – Education, healthcare, mentoring, case management and more.

  • Title: Mothers with their babies at Mercy’s Monthly clinic:
  • Charity: Helping Children Worldwide
  • Country: Sierra Leone
  • Photo Credit: Mercy Data team

Helping Children Worldwide through the Mercy Hospital provides medical services to over 10,000 vulnerable patinets a year regardless of their ability to pay. This is one of the mothers at Mercy Hospital’s monthly maternity clinics.

  • Title: The Koroma Family: A family in the HCW support program
  • Charity: Helping Children Worldwide
  • Country: Sierra Leone
  • Photo Credit: CRC Data team

Helping Children Worldwide through the Child Reintegration Centre supports over 600 vulnerbale children in 450 families. This is one of the families in the program.

Charity Videos

Charity Impact

Social workers at Attachment Theory Training
The ATTACHMENT THEORY WORKSHOP: Helping Children Worldwide and the Child Reintegration (CRC) continue to equip families and social workers to heal trauma in children using the Attachment Theory Curriculum Workshop. The curriculum is designed to heal childhood trauma and build healthy attachment between children and caregivers. In this month’s edition, a two day train the trainer workshop was conducted in Sierra Leone where the CRC trained a host of social workers from other child protection organizations. These people will in turn train their potential caregivers and parents to become well equipped and capable enough to provide the best care for their children. These training sessions are also conducted at community levels with not only caregivers who have been separated from their children, but with other families who live within the broader communities.