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Donate to Support Economic Development

Lara with a group of Syrian refugee women recruited to create products for her business
Photo Credit: FINCA Staff/FINCA
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Economic Development Fund

More than 685 million people worldwide survive on less than $2.15 a day, which is increasing each year. Support multiple charities in one pledge working on economic development.
Through the economic development fund, you will join others in a mission to reduce and end poverty. Eradicating poverty would raise incomes, reduce health risks, increase food security and pave the way for better educational and vocational opportunities.

Your donations will contribute toward sustainable opportunities for those living in poverty, including access to continued education, life-skills training and business opportunities that lead to strengthened self-reliance.

Be a Global Champion


provides a beehive, which supplies a farmer with honey year-round and supports a village by pollinating fruits and vegetables for several miles.


buys an industrial sewing machine to grow a home tailoring business.


funds an agriculture training to help farmers learn new techniques to grow more food to eat and to sell.

Success Stories

East African Youth Inclusion
When the East African Youth Inclusion project formed the Zirobwe Kalagala hub in Uganda, Mpiima Mohamed joined of one of the hub’s beneficiary groups, Situka Youth Development. Before joining, Mohamed had dropped out of high school because his parents couldn’t afford his education.
When people ask us, “Where is World Relief’s women’s empowerment programming?” Our answer is: It’s everywhere. Transforming how men and women live, relate and honor God in their relationships is at the very heart of what we do.
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At FINCA, we operate in over 40 countries worldwide with a mission to provide economic opportunities and security for women. Women’s empowerment is a cause that is dear to our hearts because we know from our experience that women can lead their communities out of poverty.