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Enabling the poor, especially women, to create a world without poverty and hunger. We leverage people plus technology to create and deliver tools for self-empowerment.




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Collage of photos of women and girls around the world
Addressing gender inequality isn’t something that can be handed down from the top — we must empower the people affected to create lasting change. Our charities know this. When they look at the issues facing women and girls, they understand the best way to solve this is to involve the entire community and give women what they need to enact their own version of change. Here are six women who, with the right tools, resources and support, overcame obstacles for themselves, their families and their communities. This is the kind of work that will change the world. The best way…

Charity Photos

  • Title: Martha in Ghana is building a new future for her children
  • Charity: Grameen Foundation
  • Country: Ghana
  • Photo Credit: Grameen Foundation

  • Title: Harsha Tai delivers financial access to neighbors’ doorsteps
  • Charity: Grameen Foundation
  • Country: India
  • Photo Credit: Grameen Foundation/India

  • Title: Community Agent Kamal is a true “Friend of the Village”
  • Charity: Grameen Foundation
  • Country: India
  • Photo Credit: Grameen Foundation/India

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Harsha Tai delivers financial access to neighbors' doorsteps
In India, Grameen Community Agents go by the name of Grameen Mittra (Grameen means Village and Mittra means friend). And Harsha Tai loves being one because it feels good to help so many. Lihaba and her husband Shipmau are one example. Shipmau suffers from dementia that renders him unable to speak, as well as paralysis in his legs that has robbed him of his ability to walk. But their ability to live depends on his pension, a 12-kilometer test of determination and strength. Before Harsha Tai (Tai-means Elder Sister) came into their lives, every single week, to get to the bank, Lihaba would lift her husband off the ground and use a motion—lift, pull, drag, lift, pull, drag—for two kilometers, to get her husband to the bus stop. Then they would ride the bus another ten kilometers, where she again would lift, pull, and drag him to the bank. In…