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Enabling the poor, especially women, to create a world without poverty and hunger. We leverage people plus technology to create and deliver tools for self-empowerment.




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On the heels of International Women’s Day yesterday, it feels appropriate to be featuring one of our charity partners that stresses the importance of closing the gender gap – as both a path to equality and a key to ending poverty. The Grameen Foundation empowers the poor, with a focus on women, by equipping them with digital resources to gain greater economic freedom and power. These tools include mobile money and digital farming to help families manage their finances and agricultural businesses thrive. But it’s not easy to introduce new devices and processes to a community, especially when you’re asking…

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In India, Grameen Community Agents go by the name of Grameen Mittra (Grameen means Village and Mittra means friend). And Harsha Tai loves being one because it feels good to help so many. Lihaba and her husband Shipmau are one example. Shipmau suffers from dementia that renders him unable to speak, as well as paralysis in his legs that has robbed him of his ability to walk. But their ability to live depends on his pension, a 12-kilometer test of determination and strength. Before Harsha Tai (Tai-means Elder Sister) came into their lives, every single week, to get to the bank, Lihaba would lift her husband off the ground and use a motion—lift, pull, drag, lift, pull, drag—for two kilometers, to get her husband to the bus stop. Then they would ride the bus another ten kilometers, where she again would lift, pull, and drag him to the bank. In…