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USA GIRL SCOUTS OVERSEAS: A Personal Story: Girl Scouting in Nigeria

USA Girl Scouts Overseas
Girl Scouts Creating Art in Abuja

Written by Diana, a USA Girl Scouts Overseas volunteer and troop leader

Bolu is a Cadette Girl Scout in Abuja, Nigeria. She has been very enthusiastic about Girl Scouts, but several months ago I saw her catch the vision of Girl Scouts. I watched as everything she has been learning in the past two years came together and she finally believed, finally understood and internalized the message that she is capable, that she can be heard, that her ideas are valuable, that she matters. From that moment, Bolu was transformed!

Since that time, Bolu has excelled, completing the Breathe! Journey and numerous badges. She made arrangements with other Girl Scout Leaders to assist with younger troops during their meetings and special events. Her most notable achievement was her recent completion of her Silver Award. Through each achievement and volunteer opportunity, Bolu has seen that she is able to make a difference in her community; and she truly believes that by working with others she can change the world.

Bolu is an inspiration to those around her with her positive attitude, enthusiasm, and energy. Living in Nigeria, she has faced numerous challenges and has learned through Girl Scouts that determination, perseverance, and flexibility lead to success. Among the Girl Scouts in Abuja, we have two saying, “Find a way, make a way” and “There is no ‘can’t’ there is only ‘how can I?’ in the face of daunting odds, Bolu consistently exceeds expectations.

It is rare that girls here, in a country that under values women, have the dream, the confidence, and the means to step beyond their world and embrace the possible. Here, Girl Scouts isn’t a club or an activity; it is a glimpse into something better. Girl Scouts is a lifeline.

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