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SMILE TRAIN: A Father’s Love: The Story of Peter and Dr

Peter Holding Parent's Hands

When Peter was born, his mother was so shocked by his cleft she abandoned him in the very hospital she gave birth in, leaving him in danger of being sent to a disability home for children, further shattering his already meager future. But everything changed thanks to Smile Train and the fateful day that Peter met Dr. Alex, a Smile Train surgeon who gave Peter a second chance, in more ways than one. In order to avoid the health-related complications that can plague a child with a cleft, Dr. Alex helped give Peter the surgery he needed. Dr. Alex was much more than Peter’s surgeon, for in time he would also become Peter’s dad. Dr. Alex found Peter’s story of abandonment so heart-wrenching that he consulted with his wife, and they adopted Peter soon after his surgery. Dr. Alex has given Peter not only a new smile, but a brand new life with his family and a future more bright than he could have ever imagined.

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