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SEE INTERNATIONAL: The Transformation of Nacor: Then and Now

Jay Farbman / SEE International

“Now I feel calm. I am certain that my boy will be successful in school and also in life.” – Carmen, Nacor’s mother
In 2017, our SEE volunteer team met Nacor, a young boy born with cataracts in both eyes, in a rural town outside of Tarapoto, Peru, Nacor struggled to see anything more than a foot away. Without treatment, Nacor was at risk of permanent vision loss. His mother, Carmen, was desperate to get help for her son, but couldn’t afford the surgery he needed.
Nevertheless, Nacor and his family were determined to find the resources to restore his sight. In cooperation with Cliníca Oftalmológica de la Selva, SEE ophthalmologists performed cataract surgery on Nacor in the hopes of fully restoring his vision. The morning after his procedure, the light irritated Nacor’s vision at first, but then his eyes slowly started to adjust. Against all odds, Nacor was successfully able to see once again.
This past month, we had the wonderful opportunity to reconnect with Nacor and his family. With his sight restored, Nacor has been able to return to school and is excelling academically. He has also become a social butterfly, making lasting friendships for years to come.
Being able to treat children like Nacor is why we do our sight-restoring work. For every social investment made by our supporters, there is an impact that ultimately helps future generations to come. This year, SEE aspires to help other children like Nacor be able to learn in school, participate in activities, and enjoy life to the fullest.

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