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PLAN INTERNATIONAL USA: International Day of the Girl 2020

Plan International
Girl Unlocked

Girls all around the world are facing closed doors. And they’ve been stuck behind them for too long.

That’s why Plan International USA works with partners like you to help girls push through barriers to unlock their full power and potential.

International Day of the Girl is October 11. Plan has been leading the global movement around this day ever since 2011 when we asked the United Nations to make it official. Every year, with the help of our supporters and partners, we bring a global focus to girls’ rights. And we celebrate the power of girls.

Wondering how to get involved this year?

For International Day of the Girl 2020, we’re launching Girl Unlocked! This is a national, multi-channel campaign focused on helping girls around the world knock down the doors that are holding them back. Here are two ways you can participate:

Take part in the Front Door Project
• Take action to unlock doors of opportunity for girls worldwide. This International Day of the Girl, doors across the country will be decorated to symbolize
a national movement in support of unlocking opportunity for girls in the U.S. and globally.
• On International Day of the Girl, Plan USA will rally people across the country to decorate the front door of their home or business with bold messages
about gender equality and equal signs, sharing their door photo on social media with the hashtag #GirlUnlocked.

Check out The Girl Unlocked Vote Hub
• The Girl Unlocked Vote Hub serves as a critical resource for unlocking information related to girls’ rights and important factors for consideration on
Election Day in November 2020, with the goal of ensuring the best policy makers are in power to support girls in unlocking their potential.

“When girls and young women like me are listened to, included and encouraged, the future not only seems brighter, it truly is.” – Grace, 22 (Member of Plan International USA’s Youth Advisory Board)

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