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Meet Alina

Meet Alina, an orphan from Pakistan who is so much more than just that. When she was in first-grade, a generous donor from the US started sponsoring her. She received a monthly stipend that supported her throughout her education and childhood. Yet the sponsorship meant far more than just a monthly dollar amount: it symbolized opportunity, care, and hope. She is now 20 years old, and the same generous IRUSA donor still sponsors her. (Sponsorships can continue after the age of 18 if the orphan is enrolled in a school program). Alina is completing her third year of medical school to become a physical therapist. She speaks about her dream to become a doctor with such confidence, as if it has already happened. Alina joined IRUSA’s Pakistan Tour in October 2018 across nine US cities; her smile exuded pride and gratefulness. Her presence served as a powerful inspiration to all who met her and heard about her journey. “Alina spoke about how she was on the receiving end of support and how she now wants to be on the other side and give back…It’s a real success story,” said Daud Mohmand, IRUSA Special Events Manager.

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