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HOPE FOR HAITI: Why Education Matters to Girls like Rose-Matheline

Hope for Haiti
Rose-Matheline given a chance to continue school

Like most children in Haiti, Rose-Matheline grew up with so many wonderful dreams. She wanted to be a dancer, or an environmentalist or a civil engineer. As a child, Rose-Matheline swore only by those careers until she recently realized she doesn’t have the means to pursue them. Rose-Matheline has always been taken care of by her parents and was oblivious to all the sacrifices it took them to take care of her and her four siblings. Her father, who was working in a vetiver factory in Cayes, and her mother, who was a small vendor, could barely feed them, let alone pay for their schooling. But thanks to Hope for Haiti’s support to her primary and secondary schooling (St. Michel Secondary), Rose-Matheline was never turned away for her family’s inability to pay.

Rose-Matheline’s father, Jean Durosier Roger, is 86 now and lives on a small retirement pension while her mother, Marie Yvania Létang, died three months ago. Things no longer seem to be going well for her. After graduating from high school last summer, she shared “ My chance to go to college was reduced to nothing: I lost my mom and my dad and am unable to afford such high tuitions. Even my older sister, Marie Rosette, dropped out of BTI (Business and Technology Institute in Cayes) because of debts. So all my dreams fell through until I received a fortunate call from Sister Roselore Accilus, my high school director, asking me to apply for a Hope for Haiti post-secondary scholarship. Given the circumstances, it was by far the best news I’ve ever received in my life and all of a sudden, all my dreams popped up again in my head. As a student from a Hope for Haiti partner school with a good academic record and such a touching story, I was granted the scholarship to enter any Haiti college.

Passionate about agriculture, nature and environment, RoseMatheline enrolled in the Agronomy Program at Université Notre Dame d’Haïti (UNDH, Cayes). “After so much uncertainty, this scholarship gives a new meaning to my life,” said Rose-Matheline. “I am able to pursue my dreams to become an environmentalist and agriculture specialist, expertise Haiti needs to increase its national production and tackle its environmental crisis. I would like to thank Hope for Haiti for its unconditional support to me, my school and my country. Hope for Haiti has been supportive to me through my school since I was in 7th grade, and now it is paying my college fees. Thank you so much Hope for Haiti! You are my champion and my hope for a better tomorrow.”

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