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FISTULA FOUNDATION: A Mother’s Love: Mary & Leonida

Fistula Foundation
Mary and Leonida

Leonida and Mary are a cheerful mother-daughter duo from Kenya. Leonida stayed by Mary’s side for more than three decades as she suffered with obstetric fistula. Thanks to supporters like you, the two women are now abounding in joy.

In 1980, Mary experienced a wrenching labor that left her with obstetric fistula. She had no husband, so she moved back in with her mother. “When my daughter got this condition, I cried and cried,” Leonida said. “[I] prayed for anything else, that she broke her bones, became blind, anything… because once she had this, no one wanted her, and I knew no one would ever marry her.” Sadly, Mary never did get married or have children, which is devastating in her culture— but Leonida was unwavering, and refused to give up on her.

Last year, Mary received free repair surgery through Fistula Foundation. She couldn’t believe that she was finally dry! To see if it was really true, she downed three bottles of soda just before discharge— a Coke, a Fanta, and a Sprite— just for good measure. It worked! Mary could control her urine for the first time in over 35 years.

Mary is now 66 years old, and Leonida is in her early eighties. Finally, they can move forward and enjoy the time they have left together. Their lives are completely transformed because of compassionate supporters like you. Thank you!

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