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Pact works in partnership to build systemic solutions so that there are thriving, resilient communities where those we serve are heard, capable and vibrant.



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Around the world, millions of men, women and even children work to mine resources from tin to gemstones from beneath the surface of the earth. Organizations like Pact bring hope to dark places and illuminate a path forward, helping communities improve the health, safety, prosperity and lives of miners.

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The May 2020 cover of VoxUkraine's Covid-19 Digest.
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Drink a soda to prevent coronavirus.

Wearing a face mask during hot summer days is prohibited.

5G mobile networks increase one’s likelihood of contracting Covid-19.

These are just a few of the many mindboggling pieces of misinformation that pass through the desks of VoxUkraine’s office in any given week.

And as outlandish and even amusing as these false stories may be, their messaging is no laughing matter.



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