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Enabling the poor, especially women, to create a world without poverty and hunger. We leverage people plus technology to create and deliver tools for self-empowerment.



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A woman holding a tablet looks at the camera.
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Grameen Foundation / Ghana

On the heels of International Women’s Day yesterday, it feels appropriate to be featuring one of our charity partners that stresses the importance of closing the gender gap – as both a path to equality and a key to ending poverty. The Grameen Foundation empowers the poor, with a focus on women, by equipping them with digital resources to gain greater economic freedom and power. These tools include mobile money and digital farming to help families manage their finances and agricultural businesses thrive.

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Grameen Foundation

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Grameen Foundation

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Grameen Foundation

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Comfort: From penniless to "power woman"
Photo Credit

Grameen Foundation

Less than two years ago, Comfort could not feed her children, and was shunned by the people of her village in Ghana. Today, she calls herself a “Power Woman.” She is respected by her neighbors and a role model to her daughters.

Comfort’s parents died when she was in basic-level school. Comfort was penniless, her only asset a small, neglected farm left by her parents. To survive, she married and had children with a man who later abandoned the family.



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