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Engaging employees with creative activities centered on World Water Day


  • Global Impact’s longstanding corporate partner, Ashland, was interested in expanding employee giving and engagement offerings beyond the fall campaign season.
  • Ashland viewed Take Your Child to Work Day as an opportunity to incorporate a charity education event for employees and their children.


  • Engaged Global Impact charity partner, WaterAid, to develop a strategy for Ashland’s Take Your Child to Work Day with a focus on clean water, tying a global cause to the company’s sustainability goals of reducing environmental impact and preserving the world’s natural resources.
  • Planned and executed multiple hands-on activities to engage employees and their children:
    • Watching and discussing a video about clean water access.
    • Brainstorming, building, and testing a water collection container prototype.
    • The Jerry Can Challenge where participants carried a large jug full of water for a set distance to replicate the experience that people in the developing world have transporting water.
  • Highlighted the Global Impact Clean Water Fund as a way to support WaterAid, increasing awareness of a charity partner and an important global cause.


  • Planned and helped implement a powerful event for employees and their children that aligned with Ashland’s sustainability goals.
  • Informed Ashland employees and their children about the scarcity of clean water in many parts of the world and fostered their empathy with those in developing countries.
  • Educated participants on WaterAid’s work to provide access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene.
  • Received positive feedback from Ashland leaders who touted the employee engagement event as a success and showed interest for similar events in the future.

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