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Maximizing funding to strengthen Islamic Relief USA’s programs

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  • Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) is an organization that provides relief and development in a dignified manner regardless of gender, race, or religion, and works to empower individuals in their communities.
  • IRUSA’s revenue has doubled over the past five years, driven primarily by individual Muslim donors. As IRUSA looks to continue its growth, its leadership identified the need to expand revenue generation from corporate and foundation sources.


  • Secured IRUSA as a Global Impact Charity Alliance member, where we increase their visibility in workplace giving campaigns.
  • Launched the Friends of IRUSA in the workplace program to encourage workplace donors to further promote IRUSA’s work beyond their individual donations. To dig deeper, these donors can become employee champions and advocate on behalf of IRUSA in their workplace to inform and inspire coworkers to support IRUSA’s work as well.
  • Developed dynamic strategies to approach Fortune 500 companies and many of the largest private foundations to secure flexible funding for programming that aligns with their philanthropic priorities.


  • Expanded corporate and private foundation donor potential, allowing IRUSA to dedicate their staffing resources to do more good around the globe.
  • Increased awareness in workplace giving campaigns, which raises over $1.5 million annually.
  • Secured critical funding to respond to disasters around the world, including: Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan and South Sudan.

Featured Client:

Global Impact Case Study – Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA)
Islamic Relief USA
Our partnership with Global Impact has allowed us to increase our visibility and marketing through employee giving campaigns, most importantly, allowing us to share our impact and the benefit donations make on the communities we serve. Our partnership also helps us reach out to different companies and foundations to share the work IRUSA is doing and explain how we are positioned to be a featured organization for these companies and aligned with their philanthropic goals. Global Impact has helped us reach workplace and corporate donors who we would not have been able to access without their support.
Mohamed Ahammam
Corporate Gifts Manager, Islamic Relief USA

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