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Social Justice

Injustices like racial, religious and gender discrimination take place in communities at home and around the world. These biases amplify disparities in income, opportunity and privilege – increasing poverty and creating greater imbalances in health care, housing, education and more.  

  • 1 in 33 people worldwide are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection. 
  • Husbands can legally prevent their wives from working in 18 countries; daughters and sons do not have equal inheritance rights in 39 countries; and women do not have legal protection against domestic violence in 49 countries. 
  • Around the world, only 28% of people with significant disabilities have access to disability benefits – in low-income countries, that number is 1%. 

The good news is our charity partners listed below are working to achieve social justice and ensure that no one is left behind. Their programs include education to create equality, advocacy for marginalized communities, protection services and more.  

Explore blog posts, images, success stories and videos to see the impact of their work.  

Feeling inspired? Be a global champion and help achieve social justice by supporting Global Impact charities through your employee giving campaign.  

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