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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is challenging to discuss – and even upsetting to think about. But victims deserve our support, so it's important for us to talk about it. They need us to speak out and take action against what’s happening. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, technology has helped trafficking move further underground, and limited government capacity makes it harder for local officials to reach and save victims. 

  • Human trafficking has been documented in 148 countries and includes forced sexual exploitation, labor, involuntary marriage, organ trade and more.  
  • Slavery generates $150 billion for traffickers each year. 
  • An estimated 150 million children worldwide are engaged in child labor.  

The good news is our charity partners listed below are working to end human trafficking. Their programs include advocacy for slavery-free commerce, rescue and rehabilitation, awareness training, reducing violence against women and children, and more.  

Explore blog posts, images, success stories and videos to see the impact of their work.  

Feeling inspired? Be a global champion and help end human trafficking by supporting Global Impact charities through your employee giving campaign. 

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