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INDIA PARTNERS: Neesha rescued from a life of sex slavery

Nisha at the age of 13 was given in marriage to an older man who regularly abused her. Soon after the marriage they had a daughter and the cycle of abuse continued. Disappointed, angry, and blaming Nisha for giving him a daughter instead of a son, her husband threw them out. Nisha was young, alone, and trying to provide for herself and her daughter. That made her a perfect target for working the red-light district. Nisha worked in the sex trade, believing she had to do it to survive. Through a dental camp, Nisha got connected with our partners in India. A relationship was established and nurtured. Through mentoring Nisha began to believe that she could dream of a better future for her and her daughter. Our programs were about to give them financial freedom and gave her a way out. They were given them food, clothes, housing, and an education. For the first time, Nisha was able to save money, get out of debt, and exit the sex trade! Her daughter attends a good school, and the cycle of abuse and poverty is broken. Nisha’s daughter will never have to experience the horrors that Nisha experienced. One woman is saved from a life of slavery and abuse and another is protected from ever having to experience it!

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