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Women’s empowerment is an essential tenant of international human development work. At FINCA, we operate in over 40 countries worldwide with a mission to provide economic opportunities and security for women. Women’s empowerment is a cause that is dear to our hearts because we know from our experience that women can lead their communities out of poverty. This has been evident since the early days of FINCA almost four decades ago. We’ve seen improved health, education, and economic growth indicators in entire societies because of women’s empowerment.  Furthermore, empowering women can lead to a more sustainable and equitable world where everyone can reach their full potential. We invite you to join our call to action to help more women take their rightful place as leaders in their communities. 

In the poorest households, women are often the family’s primary source of income. Among FINCA women clients, over 65% are the primary breadwinners for their families. Yet, we see that women consistently face a unique set of social and economic challenges in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Our data indicate that women are twice as likely than men to be financially excluded, and this is what FINCA strives to change. Will you join our mission to create more opportunities for women to thrive? So many women entrepreneurs are counting on your support. 

Women’s Empowerment Programs at FINCA

Since its establishment in 1984, FINCA has been working hard to support women entrepreneurs in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, through:

– Providing access to capital to women entrepreneurs on more favorable terms. For example, our branch in the Democratic Republic of Congo has a loan program dedicated to businesswomen with a 2% interest rate discount and a grace period before repayment.

– Investing in social enterprises that were co-founded by women. More than half of FINCA’s investees were co-founded by women, and we encourage our partners to hire women in leadership positions.

Globally, over 258,000 small businesses led by women benefit from FINCA’s loan programs. We are seeking your help to enable us to reach more.   

Over the years, our community of donors has helped thousands of women lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Women like Prossy Nalule, who is a successful entrepreneur and a single mother of two in Kampala, Uganda. Prossy’s journey to economic independence was long and full of ups and downs. After leaving her village 14 years ago, she was determined to build a successful beauty salon business in Kampala. The only supplies she had at the time were a chair, a liter of shampoo, and two jars of hair relaxer. But Prossy also had an intangible asset—lots of ambition! So, when she learned about FINCA, she didn’t hesitate to seek help.

“I told FINCA the truth, that I don’t have anything, but I want to start a business. FINCA welcomed me. I did not have any collateral or a guarantor. I got my first FINCA loan for 300,000 shillings [about $175 at the time]” Prossy said. Over time, she was able to grow her small business and even hire two women from her community. Recently, she obtained more capital from FINCA to start another business, a cattle farm. She dreams of turning her farm into a thriving agricultural business.

Prossy Nalule started a hair salon with support from FINCA. She now employs and trains women from her community.

Support Women’s Empowerment Today!

FINCA and its partners are providing tools for women to break the cycle of poverty in their lives. Increasing women’s access to capital can have a tremendous impact on the well-being of impoverished communities. Your support will provide women like Prossy an opportunity to thrive. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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