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To alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living.

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With the modern conveniences, like grocery delivery and rideshares, that smartphone apps bring, we often take for granted the marvels they really are.

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Weaving a Better Future
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Nicolasa Sacay’s mother died when she was just four years old. Thereafter she and her elder sister were raised by their father. And for a time it looked like the family tradition of weaving had died with her mother.

Nicolasa knows that her father tried his best. To this day she admires him tremendously. But their little family was so poor that she and her sister had to roam the streets and alleys of their village to sell whatever items they could – chewing gum, eggs, onions – to help put food on their meager table.

Learning to Weave
As is not uncommon in the highlands of Guatemala, an aunt eventually took in Nicolasa’s sister and taught her to weave. And later her sister gave Nicolasa a basic education in weaving.



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