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Bountiful Harvests

Villagers were contemplating leaving their home and community. The soil in Guesna was hard and brittle, and their harvests kept shrinking. They had heard that land to the south, further from the Sahara desert, was more fertile. Maybe they should give up on their land?

Later that year, trainers from ECHO came to Guesna to share techniques that have been proven to help farmers improve the harvests on their degraded fields. They learned about making liquid fertilizer and filling planting stations with compost before planting. They also learned how a few changes in their chicken management would result in healthier chickens.

Villagers are breaking the cycle of poverty for their families. “My life has completely changed,” shares Alassane. “Before the ECHO training, with such a small harvest, it had been impossible for me to feed my family all year round.” He now grows enough to sell part of his crop and some livestock for extra income. He proudly told the ECHO follow-up team that his young children are finally able to go to school.

Another villager, Pastor Kabre, is proud of his small poultry farm. With ECHO’s encouragement, his chickens are plentiful and thriving. Now, they are no longer considering leaving their home. Their harvests are improving and they have hope that they can provide for their families.

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