It’s an advisor. It’s an intermediary. It’s Global Impact! For over 60 years Global Impact has been inspiring greater giving across sectors. We have helped companies of all sizes create transformational change. Our assembled team of creative strategists, technology experts and financial professionals offer a unique set of superpowers to rescue your corporate philanthropy programs and help you grow in new ways, while still keeping your mission first.

Read on to learn more about how our superpowers help corporations and public sector organizations realize their philanthropic goals.

Workplace fundraising and employee engagement
Global Impact’s team of employee giving experts can help your organization plan and manage a workplace program that attracts, retains and motivates employees to give back locally and globally. We make it easy to engage your employees and can help you design a workplace giving campaign that aligns with your philanthropic priorities and meets the needs of a diverse workforce. Through our expertise and close charity relationships, we can build an impactful, year-round employee engagement plan that helps your company create social good.

Global Impact can help you plan and execute your employee giving program with:

  • Campaign strategy: Work with Global Impact to evaluate your current employee giving program and we’ll provide recommendations on how to maximize it through a strong strategy and best practices.
  • Campaign marketing: Global Impact can help you develop a strong marketing and communication plan to promote your program to your employees through your company’s existing communication channels and by leveraging social media.
  • Campaign tools: Access Global Impact’s Employee Giving Hub at any time, day and night, to find campaign tools, inspirations and content such as charity success stories, photos and videos.
  • Event planning: Our team is ready to support you in planning, facilitating and hosting informative, fun, engaging campaign events. Whether you’re looking for a volunteer activity, workplace giving opportunities or empowering nonprofit speakers, Global Impact can help you create a custom event that fits your vision and is designed to meet your unique workplace needs, interests and schedules (hybrid, virtual, etc.)
  • Campaign trainings: Global Impact can help train your campaign leadership, volunteers and staff with our virtual training modules. We cover best practices like campaign engagement, campaign planning, creating a diverse and inclusive campaign and more.
  • Finding a partner: Leverage Global Impact’s robust network of leading, global nonprofit partners to inspire your employees through meaningful volunteer activities and inspiring storytelling.

Our superpower at work.
Our superpower at work x2.

Corporate philanthropy strategy and grantmaking
At Global Impact we are committed to furthering social change and inspiring greater giving. As Spiderman says, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Our services empower responsible business practices, successful corporate giving and generous employees. From advisory to infrastructure services, we will help you achieve your goals.

We can help your company design a philanthropy strategy that aligns with your organizational goals and reflects your company’s and employees’ values. Then, through our robust set of international grantmaking services we can bring your program to life!

We work closely with companies to help them reach their social impact goals by leveraging our unmatched philanthropic expertise in areas like:


  • Benchmarking
  • Program design
  • Strategy
  • Stakeholder and leadership engagement


  • Program administration
  • Vetting
  • Philanthropic fund hosting
  • Global distribution

Our superpower at work.

Employee Assistance Programs
Don’t leave your employees out of your philanthropic efforts. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are important in supporting your staff. Global Impact specializes in administering these programs and has helped companies of all sizes in launching their EAPs. Our services include:

  • Program design
  • Employee Assistance Fund launch and fiscal management
  • Donation platform development
  • Online assistance application platform design and development
  • Employee assistance grant request assessments and grant determination
  • Applicant support
  • Grant disbursements

Our superpower at work.

Disaster Response
Superheroes never know when there is going to be an emergency, but they are always prepared when it happens. During times of crisis, Global Impact can help you launch a turnkey or custom disaster response campaign, allowing your employees to be a part of the relief efforts for communities in need. We work quickly after a disaster hits to help organizations:

  • Launch a giving solution to support disaster response.
  • Implement employee assistance and hardship funds facilitated by grant management technology, global donation processing, matching funds and distribution capabilities.
  • Steward in-kind contributions efficiently.
  • Enact grantmaking, partner vetting and in-country distributions.

Our superpower at work.

No matter where you are on the road to corporate philanthropy, our team of superheroes can help you realize your commitments and achieve success. Together, we are ready to guide you on your corporate philanthropy journey. Contact us today to learn more.